Cutting and styling hair is not a one size fits all approach. Each client comes in with different need, different styles of hair, and different expectations. To provide the best experience possible for your clients, you need to know the best techniques for cutting and styling hair.

Expanding the way you look at cutting hair with tools and techniques tailored to all guests is my primary mission.

By teaching you how to implement the best techniques in hair cutting and the best tools in hair cutting, you will be able to provide the best service possible to your clients.



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Rory first got into the hair styling game in 1993, initially cutting hair for close friends and family and then expanded his skill set through his time in the military. During his service time, he was exposed to many different types of styles of hair and different cuts for varied clients. After his service to the country, he utilized his GI Bill to attend and receive formalized training through the Paul Mitchel School in New Jersey.

Over the next ten years, Rory trained thousands of students starting their careers as barbers and stylists in Virginia and New Jersey. He was selected to be on the Paul Mitchel Advanced Academy for men’s cutting, the lead trainer for the classroom, the clinic floor and the sales teams in both Tysons Corner Mall and Hackensack N.J. and was the director for the Paul Mitchel focus salon in Maryland.

After spending countless hours on the road in airports and hotels traveling for education, clients and seminars, Rory and his wife decided to invest in growing their own business in Northern Virginia. The answer was the creation of Faded Dream Studios. As longtime educators, Rory and his wife wanted to bring amazing education and passion for their industry to the region and the rest of the world.

Faded Dream Studios provides service to their guests as well as educational classes and events onsite and online for continued education to the masses.

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